ZEISS China: Optics and Beyond

ZEISS, a leading manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurements and medical devices, has been in China for over 60 years, and has firmly established its presence in four business units ‒ microscopy, medical technology, industrial metrology, and vision care and consumer optics. ZEISS has enjoyed a long-standing market reputation as one of the top-tier players in terms of history and market share, and with very diverse business sectors across B2B and B2C. However, in China, ZEISS was mostly well-known for its consumer-related optics products, and its positioning as a value creator and technology leader remains unknown to many. In the digital arena, ZEISS has a fragmented corporate image and voice share, both internally and externally. In 2016, ZEISS conducted an internal and external audit, re-visited its corporate profiling vehicles and mapped out phased initiatives to re-build its corporate brand. The company tasked Ruder Finn to embarked on a year-long comprehensive campaign, with long-term perspectives and sustained investments, targeting its core business stakeholders in China. The campaign succeeded far beyond expectations. Continuous brand exposure in the top-tier media generated over 2,200 articles. More than 1,600 government officials, business partners, industry representatives visited ZEISS’ China HQ in Shanghai. In 2017, ZEISS was honored with the Shanghai Magnolia Award, nominated by the Shanghai Pudong Government for its continuous commitment and contribution to the development of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.