Volkswagen Child Safety Initiative

In China, less than one percent of children are placed in safety seats. With no national policy on the mandatory use of child seats, some local governments have established a traffic safety code for juvenile protection. Volkswagen Group China (VGC), took on the daunting task of promoting public awareness of child road safety, and improving public understanding of the importance of child safety seats. VGC launched the Volkswagen Child Safety Initiative in 2013, a large-scale, long-term road safety education program. In 2015, VGC began establishing community-based Child Road Safety Experience Centers in major cities where Volkswagen plants are located. By 2017, centers had been established in eight cities, benefiting 180,000 people. A combination of community-based and online communications were used, including road safety exhibitions and training courses for parents and children. XinHua Little Reporters (6-12 y.o.) took part, and became Road safety ambassadors. A competition was held for young people to design future child safety options. Two major online safety campaigns, ‘#Baby on Seat#’ and ‘VGC-Didi Taxi’, were also launched. ‘#Baby on Seat# leveraged one of China’s most influential social media platforms, and the popular celebrity known as The Best Daddy in China. The Weibo accounts reached more than a third of China’s netizens. The VGC-Didi Taxi campaign, in which for every three kilometers donated, the customer could take a course at the center, resulted in 210,000 participants contributing 10,000,000 km “Taxi Miles” within two weeks.