Prudential’s ‘Let’s Disconnect to Connect’

Rekindle the joy of meaningful conversation without smartphones


Building on an ongoing program to help strengthen relationships, Prudential Singapore embarked on an emotive, three-month campaign in 2016, ‘Let’s Disconnect to Reconnect’, to get people to talk to each other, without using their mobile devices. Singapore’s smartphone penetration is one of the highest in the world. A key finding showed that spending too much time on the computer, or mobile devices, can be a real threat to relationships. As Singapore has a strong culture, where friendships and business deals are forged over drinks in coffee chains, Ruder Finn came up with the idea of partnering a local coffee chain, which has outlets island-wide, for an experimental video. Incorporating a mix of paid, earned, shared and owned platforms, the campaign consisted of four parts:


1. Conduct a day-long social experiment at an outlet to get customers to put their mobile devices aside, and focus on reconnecting.

2. Create a Disconnect to Reconnect video featuring interviews with participants, and upload onto Prudential’s owned sites and sent to all media.

3. Carry out a 10-day activation at different outlets.

4. Upload a post activation video before Chinese New Year, to drive home the impact of the campaign.


Trained on-site ambassadors played an important role in helping customers understand the rationale behind the activation. When the campaign ended, it continued to resonate with people. The overwhelming response created a new level of awareness, and helped to remind people to connect with families and friends in the traditional way