Wrigley EXTRA® “Powerful Smile-of-China” Campaign at the Rio Olympics

Su Bingtian, the first Asian to run the 100m in under 10 seconds, had captivated crowds with his optimistic attitude and infectious big smile. As an extension of Wrigley EXTRA’s brand positioning “Time to Shine”, and to enhance Su’s endorsement of EXTRA at the Rio Olympics 2016, Ruder Finn created a tailor-made message “Powerful Smile-of-China” for Su as EXTRA’s ambassador, to enhance China’s pride and patriotism for special Olympic moments.

Although Su did not win a medal at the Rio Olympics, he effectively conveyed Extra’s powerful message to a global audience with his exceptional performance, and his positive attitude. Su became the new smile hero among Chinese sports icons, and was seen as the representative of the smile of China’s new generation. Two up-close and personal events were organised in two key cities to applaud Su’s story of confidence, and to encourage consumers to follow his attitude. Two hundred participants, including fans, consumers and media, were invited for personal interaction with Su. Tailored activities were created to encourage social media outreach. In five weeks, the “Together, Let’s Shine the Powerful Smile-of-China” events became the talk of the town. The “Powerful-Smile-of-China” campaign inspired millions of Chinese to identify with the Olympian by keeping up the smile in their own lives, and passing along this positive lifestyle attitude to others.