Wrigley China’s Anti-Littering Education Campaign

Even though China aggressively promoted no-littering and waste sorting, littering continued to increase in urban areas and tourist spots. Wrigley China recognized the importance of a long-term solution by creating awareness to change citizens’ behavior. Working with Ruder Finn, Wrigley initially launched the Anti-Littering Education Campaign in 2013, which was upgraded from a purely CSR program to a fully integrated public education platform in 2016 to influence a larger community. Wrigley China partnered with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, RT-MART, a leading supermarket chain, and the Shanghai government for three on-ground campaigns
1. Nationwide interscholastic competition: ‘Be a CEO’ (Creative Environmental Officer) for anti-littering. Incentives include Wrigley internships and study tour to promote anti-littering.
2. Supermarket shoppers ‘Build a Greener and Cleaner Community’ campaign
3. Communities ‘Anti-Littering for Greener and Cleaner Community’ volunteer campaign.
New and trendy portable trash bags were designed to encourage usage in daily life through online and offline promotions. A tangible evaluation mechanism was created to allow citizens to leave a fingerprint as a commitment to action via a mobile site and sharing the site. ‘Be a CEO’ competition generated 9.74% increase in willingness to proactively encourage friends/families to adopt anti-littering habits. Wrigley expanded its influence to 10 million citizens, reaching 100+ cities through its creative campaigns and partnerships. The volunteer campaign was the largest annual environmental event ever held by the Shanghai government, with 5,000+ volunteers; 50,000+ ‘Portable Disposal Bags’ were distributed.