Wrigley 5 Bounce Gum ‘Dare to Bounce to the SKY’ campaign

Wrigley 5, a new chewing gum brand, aimed to become the favorite chewing gum among young people in China. In 2016, Wrigley 5 initiated a series of brand and product communications themed ‘Dare to Take the Challenge’, to support young people to be brave, to face and win challenges in life. In November 2017, 5 introduced ‘5 Bounce’, a new soft chew gum which has a unique ‘bounce’ when chewed. The integrated marketing communications campaign, ‘Dare to Bounce to the SKY’, was designed to create a stronger connection with the target audience. A mega event, held in Shanghai, leveraged Aarif Lee, a popular young actor and singer who has been 5’s ambassador since 2015, and the role model for ‘Dare to Take the Challenge’. Aarif represents 5 because of his courage to change his career from physics to be a pop singer and movie star. The campaign generated lots of fun online interactions and triggered a social buzz which continued until the end of the year. The live-streaming of the event on TMall, one of China’s largest eCommerce platforms, attracted 590,000 consumers, resulting in purchases of more than 18,000 bottles of 5 Bounce in one hour. The media declared the successful campaign a great case study of ‘Wrigley 5’ on the marketing approach to the younger generation.