The Women’s Foundation She Objects

The Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong (TWF) commissioned She Objects, a documentary which challenges viewers to think critically about, and resist, the biased, and often dehumanising, portrayal of women in media. TWF aimed to equip media consumers with the knowledge to filter harmful messaging and raise awareness about the critical importance of having a positive portrayal of women in media. A fully integrated campaign was developed by Ruder Finn, with earned, owned, shared and paid elements, to support the large-scale public campaign. A high-profile, celebrity-studded, red carpet event was held to draw attention and create buzz for the documentary premiere, through celebrity and influencer endorsements, as well as live calls to action from the event. Continuous appeals were made to the public to take the pledge online, and to support the campaign on social media with #SheObjects. Over 200 key stakeholders from Hong Kong’s media, creative, and entertainment industries attended the premiere. Celebrities recited the pledge for a highlight reel, which received over 29,000 views, and the entire event was live-streamed on TWF HK’s Facebook page, receiving close to 1000 live viewers, and more than 9,000 total views. Within one week, TWF’s Facebook page had over 40,000 views, 17,000 people had viewed the documentary trailer and over 600 people took the She Objects pledge on the website.