Whole Industry Simulation Exercise on Crisis in Hong Kong

Control Risks, a global crisis management consultancy, was looking for a technology partner to create a portal that would be the backbone of the WISE 2017 (Whole Industry Simulation Exercise) in Hong Kong.  Ruder Finn’s proprietary SONAR crisis simulation training platform was the only crisis simulation portal on the market in Asia that can support access from multiple remote locations, as well as an experienced technology team that can put the system through rigorous stress-testing and numerous dry runs to ensure a seamless event.


The high-profile crisis project for the entire financial sector of Hong Kong, testing its readiness in the event of a terrorist attack or natural catastrophe, was coordinated by Control Risks and the Hong Kong Financial Services Business Continuity Management Forum (HKFSBCM). The entire project was implemented through SONAR and included participants from 45 major financial institutions and regulatory authorities. Control Risks and Ruder Finn established a Command & Control Center, and a war room with screens showing mainstream news, social media chatter, and corporate announcements. With permission from Bloomberg, we were able to simulate their news site to establish a realistic scenario. The challenge was the scale and importance of the exercise. This is the first time that SONAR has been accessed from so many remote locations, a true test of its robustness and scalability. WISE 2017 has far-reaching importance for Hong Kong’s economy and beyond. Ruder Finn received unanimous positive feedback from Control Risks and the participating banks.