Visa. Less Cash, More Money for India

A 2016 Moody’s study commissioned by Visa established a direct correlation between implementation of electronic payments and sustainable growth, particularly in emerging economies. In India, migration to electronic payments added nearly US$6 Billion to India’s GDP, and created 1.4 million jobs. Ruder Finn was assigned to strengthen Visa’s thought-leadership in FinTech in India and establish positioning as an enabler of the digital-payments revolution by positioning brand offerings and partnerships as catalysts. The campaign, ‘Less Cash, More Money for India’ leveraged India’s Prime Minister Modi’s surprise demonetization move, positioning cash as enemy, and digitization of payments as a solution for economic growth. Existing research reports and new tailor-made surveys added credibility, while influencer advocacy ensured visibility and in-depth messaging.


The dialogue was extended to strategic forums, including Mint Fintech Summit, D&B BFSI Forum, Tech Circle Payments Forum, Outlook Money Digital Dialogues and The Economist Summit. A call to action followed ‒ including multiple banks and merchant tie-ups, over one million Visa payWave cards by eight banks and accepted at 100,000+ merchant outlets, digital payments advisories set up in tier2 cities, and financial inclusion enabled by mVisa smartphone payment app.


The campaign resulted in 100% growth in Visa stories compared to the previous year, with 85% on ‘Cashless’, a widening of the lead over its nearest competitor month-on-month, and notable growth in brand offerings, and improved brand visibility, in tier 2 cities. Visa fuelled a revolution while strengthening its thought leadership and SoV (share of Voice)