VIP Love Workshop establishes platform for Intangible Cultural Heritage products, the top e-commerce site in China and a leader in the clothing industry, established the VIP Love Workshop as a public good platform to explore and create high-quality *Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) products. In 2018, took two women embroiderers from Chinese minority Miao and Yi to London, to participate in the Wo+Men’s Leadership Conference and the Women Sustainable Development and Handcrafts Innovation Exhibition. At these events, the women introduced their unique traditional design craftsmanship to the world. In the London Men’s Fashion Week, the women worked with a designer to produce delicate craftsmanship for the clothing. also invited international fashion models and trendsetters to a street photography exercise, dressing them in various styles of China’s cultural heritage clothing. The initiative culminated on the eve of the 2018 Chinese Cultural Heritage Day, with the VIP Love Workshop summer sales event “Awaken the ancient beauty of Intangible Cultural Heritage”. It triggered interesting ICH topics on multiple social platforms and caused frenzied discussion. On Weibo, the topic resulted in more than 18 million impressions and 15 million conversations. Through multiple channels and various forms of promotion, total sales of the VIP Love Workshop summer sales event increased substantially. At the 4th Meeting of the 13th National People‘s Congress, China’s Cultural Minster spoke about the importance of ICH.