Say Cheese to LiHO

RTG Holdings, introduced Taiwan’s popular bubble tea, Gong Cha, to Singapore in 2001. It became the leading bubble tea beverage brand, with the most outlets and largest number of loyal consumers. In 2017, a desire to create a home-grown bubble tea brand led RTG to create LiHO. Gong Cha’s contractual termination clause gave RTG a short turnaround time to change to a new brand, especially for the 80 outlets and training of over 700 staff. Ruder Finn was tasked with rolling out LiHO in 80 outlets island-wide, immediately after the cessation of the operations of Gong Cha. The new brand’s fun personality was translated at every touch point – store front, cups, display and new Cheese toppings were made Instagram-worthy. An intensive positioning and new menu guideline was created to educate 700 staff within one week. Through a mix of earned, shared and owned media, and by creating wave after wave of social media news, LiHO took the Singapore market by storm and became the talk of the town among bubble tea drinkers, as well as social, online and mainstream media. All outlets registered long queues which resulted in a 40% increase in sales during the first month of operation. Even after plateauing post-launch, LiHO’s weekly sales revenue has continued to exceed previous sales figures, in fact, a double-digit increase.