Porsche boldly uses LinkedIn as its corporate communications platform

In China, Porsche had successfully built up a strong brand image among Chinese consumers with its portfolio of premium sports cars. With its WeChat and Weibo presence, the brand has gained great awareness from mass audiences. However, as a company and an employer, Porsche was less known for its commitment to the industry, society and its employees. How could Porsche impress a niche audience of auto and technology professionals? As its business continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, how could the company efficiently find, reach and interest highly-qualified candidates who are most sought by auto companies? In March 2017, Porsche China took the bold step of deploying LinkedIn as its corporate communication vehicle, and relaunched its LinkedIn presence to drive both awareness, and increase engagement, with industry professionals. Porsche saw the potential of LinkedIn, a platform where auto and technology professionals actively consume content, seek out information and connect with employers. Applying a content strategy featuring leadership thought-sharing and media roundtable interviews, coupled with industry influencer promotions, Porsche successfully established itself as an industry leader in niche audience marketing. Porsche’s LinkedIn page showed a three-fold growth in followers after only one year. Monthly average page visits jumped by 157%, and engagement rate increased by 160%.