The Pacific Place Santa Bot Campaign

In 2016, Pacific Place Mall wanted to provide shoppers with a great Christmas experience by re-creating precious Christmas memories, ignited by taste, sight, touch, smell and sound ‒ the fragrant smells of roasting chestnuts, the joyous sounds of unwrapping presents. Various stations were set up around the mall allowing shoppers to explore Christmas with their five senses. To take it online, RFI Asia created a Santa Chat Bot, Hong Kong’s very first interactive chatbot for a shopping mall. Weekly games were designed to communicate in-mall information in a fun way. Formats included festive riddles, spot the difference and multiple-choice questions and players would have to pass all three sections to redeem prizes. Santa Bot engaged, played games and exceeded consumer expectations in immediate social media response for in-mall enquiries, and even present suggestions! Every action and result was dictated by the users’ interaction with Santa Bot. The successful campaign exceeded all KPIs, resulting in a total of 1378 unique chatbot users, tripled monthly fan growth, and daily traffic on Pacific Place Facebook doubled during that period. The Santa Bot attracted users inside and outside the mall, giving shoppers a true O2O experience, from chatting to Santa Bot online to chatting to Santa Claus at Santa’s Grotto Pacific Place.