Midea Group enters a New Era of Human-Machine Collaboration

In recent years, Midea has expanded its business categories beyond HVAC systems and consumer appliances into robotics, industrial automation systems, and smart supply chains. However, Midea’s public perception has lingered on the old image of being a traditional white goods giant. To change that perception, and let stakeholders know about the transformation, a strategic, integrated campaign “Midea: New Era of Human-Machine Collaboration” was launched in 2017.

In the planning stage, Ruder Finn made a successful proposal of using the idea of “New Era of Human-Machine Collaboration” to demonstrate Midea’s business roadmap behind its recent years’ expansion. Strategic workshops involving Midea’s executives from R&D Centre, IT, investor relations, consumer and marketing, information technology and public relations were conducted to round out the idea, winning full support from Midea’s management. Leveraging two high profile events, the 2017 Fortune Global Forum and the 2018 Appliance & Electronics World Expo, the campaign successfully showcased Midea’s business picture, exhibited its achievements and strengths in technology, and repositioned Midea as an advanced global technology corporation. 4000+ articles and reports were generated, reaching 155+ million people. The day after the strategic launch of New Era of Human-Machine Collaboration, Midea’s stock price rose, showing strong market confidence. All those impressive outcomes resulted in the image of Midea’s technology group being widely recognized by stakeholders, receiving numerous plaudits from both the industry and the public.