A Match Made in Chocolate: Pacific Place and Nutella

Faced with the prospect of Hong Kong’s annual summer retail lull, Pacific Place Mall aimed to boost foot traffic through partnerships and technology. Understanding that families are more likely to be in the city during the summer, they combined customized digital printing with Nutella, the chocolate-hazelnut spread popular with families in Hong Kong. RFI Asia was tasked to spearhead the social and online portions of their campaign. Through owned, earned, paid and shared channels, the campaign delivered online and offline outreach. Most of the social and online tactics used gamification in various forms. On Facebook and Instagram, the audience was engaged by submitting and sharing photos for a chance to win a personalized jar of Nutella. The live touch-screen game also encouraged people to compete against each other. The campaign was a massive hit and exceeded Pacific Place Mall’s expectations in terms of awareness, participation and increased foot traffic. Shoppers lined up for more than two hours to purchase the Nutella jars. One thousand jars of Nutella were sold on each of the 17 days of the promotion. There were 4,790 logged-in sessions, 1274 participants in the Nutella Moment photo contest and 423 played the Nutella Touch Screen game.