Mars Wrigley and RT-Mart: The Good Purpose Marketing Campaign

Since 2016, Mars Wrigley Confectionery China has joined with RT-Mart, China top supermarket, in running the Good Purpose Marketing Campaign. In the 2018 campaign, Mars Wrigley invited children to become the advocates of proper disposal behavior by creating environmental paintings. The company believes that children’s hopes and aspirations for a clean world far exceeds that of many adults. Five paintings with the highest number of votes were printed on portable disposal bags, and given free to the public nationwide, including a range of Confectionery China products. For the first time, Mars Wrigley invited employees to volunteer in the free distribution of portable disposal bags in 10 cities. Employees were empowered to become Mars Wrigley Confectionery China ambassadors, demonstrating the company’s principles in action. Through online and offline promotion, consumers, including parents and children, received in-depth education about proper disposal behavior. The campaign involved over 12 million citizens across 170 cities in China, and 200,000 portable disposal bags were distributed. The interactive online game attracted more than 280,000 netizens and the campaign generated 5.87% sales growth.