Macy’s My Dream Dorm Campaign for Chinese Students in the US

In 2017, Macy’s, an iconic American department store, developed a campaign to increase its brand reach among Chinese students in the US. This demographic had been largely untapped by the brand – the 320,000+ Chinese students enrolled in American universities each year which could be reached directly through student organisations, community KOLs and social influencers. The objective was to make Macy’s more than just a shopping destination, but rather an essential aspect of the Chinese student experience in the US. A two-week campaign “My dream dorm” launched before students moved into their new dorms, invited Chinese high school graduates and returnee students to watch three dorm room styles come to life in time-lapse videos, and to imagine their own dream dorm for the new academic year with Macy’s. The campaign selected as KOL Jessica Beinecke, a young, all-American influencer, fluent in Chinese and famous among Chinese audiences for her bubbly videos on Chinese live-stream platforms. A360-degree channel distribution strategy was developed involving influential community KOLs Dealmoon and College Daily, as well as 20 universities’ WeChat accounts across the country. The campaign generated more than 1.2 million impressions across the target consumer segment and set a new high for Macy’s back-to-school buzz in China.