FitBit Blaze and Alta Media Event

Fitbit, a leader in the wearable technology market, launched with a strong focus on sporty lifestyles.  However, this changed with the arrival of Fitbit’s new Alta and Blaze products, which offered the same powerful tracking and analysis capabilities, but were designed to be fashionable accessories that would not be out of place at a cocktail party.


Fitbit wanted to catch the attention of the fashion media and showcase how they were bringing wearable tech capabilities into the stylish world of fashion. RFI Asia introduced the new products as part of a movement celebrating Hong Kong’s burgeoning local fashion scene. Fitbit was repositioned as a lifestyle brand to suit every personality and style. A Fitbit + Local Fashion Designers fashion show was developed to launch the Alta and Blaze products. For young, emerging Hong Kong designers were invited to help curate the fashion show, and pair their designs with the new products.


The Alta and Blaze Media Event was a huge success, attended by 53 online and print publications, local fashion bloggers and online influencers, resulting in extensive positive coverage in Hong Kong’s fashion media. Total sales of Fitbit products in Hong Kong saw a strong percentage spike.