CHAUMET’s Imperial Splendours Exhibition at the Palace Museum

High-end jeweller, CHAUMET, was approached by the Musee d’Orsay to showcase their historical creations in a grand exhibition to be held at China’s prestigious Palace Museum in Beijing’s Forbidden City. More than 300 jewellery pieces, created by CHAUMET, were borrowed from 33 global museums and private collectors. In partnership with the Palace Museum, Chinese and French creations were placed side by side, illustrating the connection between their two histories, providing a great opportunity for CHAUMET to raise brand awareness in China. A campaign was developed to invite international and regional celebrities. However, one month before the launch, CHAUMET was informed that, due to the Chinese’s strict anti-luxury policy, it was banning luxury and celebrities in all promotions of the exhibition. Working within the restrictions, the Rosewood event and grand opening of an alternate high jewellery novelties exhibition, in the same period, were positioned as purely brand events, followed by a roadshow in different cities. The Palace Museum exhibition promotion went ahead, mainly on the government and general media channels. CHAUMET created online campaigns # Precious Exhibits of China and France, #Exhibitions in Forbidden City’, ‘Stars and CHAUMET’, which ignited massive online buzz. The alternate promotion garnered 712 articles, 15 TV/online broadcast. CHAUMET’s campaign on Weibo was overwhelming, with 220M viewership with 1.45M discussions, far outperforming the industry benchmarks.