Clients’ Quotes


“We have been so impressed by Ruder Finn and their strategic vision, creativity, delivery and network. Ruder Finn did an amazing job maximising the impact we had at TEDxWanChai 2015. Smart, fun and digitally-savvy, Anne and her Ruder Finn team elevate the entire communications industry!”

“Elan and her team represent the future of communications in China. Connected, digital and insightful, she leads a company that increasingly stands apart from her competitors by understanding and predicting the challenges and opportunities faced by clients – and then delivering intelligent, business-building solutions.

“Since 2000, I have worked with different Ruder Finn teams on different assignments and am impressed by their consistently high-quality service and the growth they have achieved, both in size and depth. In 2015, we engaged Ruder Finn to support us handling a major product recall. Once again, they have proven they are the best firm in China.

”It has become clear in the course of our partnership that few other firms rival the focus on and understanding of the arts and cultural industry in both countries, and their strategy, execution and media placements have been both targeted and wide-rang- ing...”

Ruder Finn India has provided a consistently high level of service for edX over the last 2 years. We have an excellent relationship with the team, who clearly understand our business and our needs. They have produced great results to promote our growing presence in India as well as highlighting our commitment to the country, successfully communicating our brand values and promoting our courses.

Ruder Finn has consistently gone above and beyond the work scope in order to help us grow our brand since we first started in Singapore in 2013. With their help in engaging and educating the reluctant media in Singapore and the region about our service and mission, we’ve become a household name to millions in Southeast Asia.