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Ruder Finn Wins a Three-year Retainer for the Singapore Tourism Board in Mainland China


February 2018. Ruder Finn has won a three-year communications contract from the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) after an intense pitch among multiple agencies. Under the agreement, Ruder Finn will be tasked with providing a series of brand integration and communications services in China, including the formulation of STB’s brand communications strategy, advisory services, digital communications, media and opinion leader relationships strategy, and event management, to help attract more Chinese tourists to Singapore.
In 2017, China became the largest source of tourists for Singapore, with more than 3 million tourists from mainland China visiting the island nation for the first time. Amid a flourishing outbound market, Chinese tourists have upgraded their demand from a whistle-stop tour in the past to an experience-oriented tour today. In September 2017, STB officially unveiled a new logo and motto -, “Passion Made Possible”, evolving from its marketing strategy of promoting tourist attractions to tourists in order to “seek emotional resonance with tourists”. This is designed to make Singapore a place that is both in the mind of, and yearned by, all tourists through the retelling of “passionate” stories about Singapore.
“With accurate insight and acute acumen for the outbound market, Ruder Fin has built an extensive experience in the hotel industry, and offered creative marketing and communications strategies. Over the next three years, we will work together to create a new era for the tourism industry in Singapore by sorting brand information and telling a fuller Singapore story beyond tourism,” the Regional Director (Greater China), Singapore Tourism Board, Ms. Liu Shiping, said.
“The Singapore Tourism Board has been at the forefront in tourism marketing by keenly perceiving market changes and leading future consumption trends with its exceptional creativity and thorough execution. We are glad to establish a partnership with STB. Thanks to Ruder Fin’s insightful understanding of the industry, and ever-evolving communications strategy, we have full confidence in helping STB build a deeper and more personal connection with each consumer through its Passion Made Possible motto, and ensure Singapore becomes the preferred destination for more young Chinese and their families,” Ruder Finn Asia Director, Elan Shou, said.