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Ruder Finn Innovation Studios – From New York, neither a public relation nor an advertising agency


Ruder Finn announced today that Ruder Finn Innovation Studios (RFI Studios), an agency renowned in the U.S., comes to China. The innovation team in China will be incorporated into and work side by side with RFI based in New York.

"Please don’t confound RFI with public relations, advertising and digital marketing companies." said Dr Kathy Bloomgarden, CEO of Ruder Finn, who especially traveled to China for today’s press conference. "In a highly interactive world, the boundary between public relations, advertising and technology is increasingly blurred. RFI is a strategy and innovation oriented digital communications service provider, integrating creativity of an advertising agency, message of a PR firm, and technologies and web expertise of a digital marketing organization."

This is definition is exactly how RFI New York profiles itself. In 1999, Ruder Finn took the lead in PR industry to establish this innovation arm in New York. In just ten-odd years, RFI has grown from a small studio to a professional team with more than 60 members. With many compelling references such as the "Picasso Head" in 1999 and the "200 Years Citi Virtual Concert" in 2012, it has gained wide recognition in the U.S., as evidenced by a prestigious spectrum of awards, including the "Webby Awards", "One Club" and "SXSW Interactive", among others.

"It is all about strategy and innovation." says Elan Shou, managing director and senior vice president of Ruder Finn China, "RFI will be a global innovative team in real sense. Clients can choose the Chinese or New York service team and the technology provider may be based in India or Europe. Digital technology makes everything possible and we will no longer be restricted by the boundary between PR and advertising. By integrating technology and imagination, RFI maximizes creative inspirations and generates innovations to deliver more diversified brand values."

It is said that a member of RFI New York will be transferred to Beijing, while the existing innovation team in China will focus more on providing prospective product R&D and customer services in Ruder Finn’s expertise areas.

"We believe that the close collaboration between New York and Beijing will bring different experience to our Chinese clients," adds Elan Shou, "For example, China falls far behind the US in the areas of mobile applications, fragmented time management and users’ online experience. However, Chinese people actually spend much more time on mobile phones than Americans. Just imagine what we can do to fill the gap. RFI is looking forward to bringing unique innovations that epitomize and materialize our strategies, passion and imagination to the Chinese market."


About RFI Studios:

RFI Studios offers clients a unique competitive advantage; an independent, acclaimed digital shop that leverages the power of a storied global PR institution. As an independent agency, we have the economic flexibility to build a diverse team of creative individuals who contribute unique cultural experiences to an idea-lab culture.

In 1999, Ruder Finn was one of the first agencies to establish an in-house, full-service digital practice. Today, this practice has evolved into the award-winning, full service digital marketing shop, RFI Studios.

RFI is anchored in rigorous user experience research and we execute based on real-time metrics. Our technology solutions are simple and elegant and built to scale across current and emerging platforms. Our roots as an interactive build shop ensure that we adhere to processes that deliver flawless execution and client service. RFI Studios Website: www.rfistudios.com

About Ruder Finn:

Ruder Finn, Inc. is one of the largest independent integrated communication firms in the world, with offices in the United States and Europe, as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi in Asia. Through these offices, and our affiliates worldwide, the agency serves the global and local communication needs of over 250 corporations, governments and non-profit organizations. For 65 years, the Ruder Finn name has been synonymous with excellence in communications. Ruder Finn’s global strategic focus is on four operational pillars which constitute the core of our growth – Health & Wellness, Corporate & Public Trust, Global Connectivity and Life+Style.

In Asia, Health & Wellness includes AbbVie, Daiichi Sankyo, Galderma, Merck Serono, and Sanofi. Corporate & Public Trust includes L’Oréal, Michelin, ABB, Boeing, Bosch, Volkswagen, CITIC Bank, Singapore EDB, Visa, Omron and Carlsberg. Life+Style includes luxury brands like Cartier and Vacheron Constantin from the Richemont Group, Givenchy and Moet Hennessy premium brands from the LVMH Group, as well as Hermès, Bang & Olufsen, Bentley, Breitling, Longchamp, Lexus, Tod’s Group, DFS Group, and the Jumeirah Group. Global Connectivity includes DHL, Emirates, Beechcraft, IEEE and Contact Singapore. Those four pillars are supported by award-winning divisions such as RFI (focusing on Interactive, Social Media and ePR), CSR, Arts & Culture and INSIGHT which provides training as well as research on trends, producing the annual China Luxury Forecast and other publications. For more information on Ruder Finn, please visit www.ruderfinn.com or www.ruderfinnasia.com, or our Chinese website http://cn.ruderfinnasia.com