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Ruder Finn Asia to drive PR for one of Singapore’s hottest startups, Page Advisor


Regional – Page Advisor, Southeast Asia’s first real-time mobile commerce marketplace platform for home and lifestyle services, has appointed Ruder Finn Asia to drive its public relations strategy in Singapore till 2016.

Page Advisor, a Singapore-based startup, was first created by online entrepreneur, Fabian Lim, whose goal was to quicken the search process for a local service provider through their mobile application. The rising tech start-up aims to become the go-to app for consumers through their extensive list of service providers from various industries. The company has entered into merchant agreements with 2,000 companies and businesses in Singapore, and over 100 different services are currently available through the app.

Launched in Singapore and Malaysia in May and July respectively this year, the company plans to expand to other countries in Southeast Asia in the near future. Ruder Finn Asia will be supporting Page Advisor’s communications efforts and raise awareness of Page Advisor among consumers and stakeholders.

“Singapore remains one of our core markets and with one of the highest smartphone penetration countries, we are confident that Page Advisor can continue to grow and meet the needs of the smartphone savvy consumers with ease. We’re confident that this partnership with Ruder Finn Asia will help us reach our next level as we continue our strong growth in Singapore,” said Fabian Lim, Founder and Group CEO of Page Advisor.

“Ruder Finn is very excited to work with rising tech start-ups brands like Page Advisor that are positively disrupting their respective industries. Our experienced team is ideally placed to support the pivotal growth of Page Advisor in Singapore and help them build stronger awareness among their stakeholders,” said Ms Yu Poh Leng, General Manager & Senior Vice President, Ruder Finn Asia.