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Ruder Finn Asia shortlisted for two Gold Standard Awards!


The Prospect Gold Standard Award for Consultancy Professional of the Year

Both Jean-Michel Dumont, Chairman, Ruder Finn Asia and Elan Shou, SVP & Managing Director, Ruder Finn China have been shortlisted. This award is given to a senior communications, corporate or public affairs professional connected to the Asia Pacific region who is seen as a leader among his/her peer-groups and the broader corporate affairs and communications industry in Asia Pacific.

Gold Standard Award for In-Country Consultancy of the Year
Ruder Finn China has been shortlisted. This award identifies full service corporate public relations and communications excellence by a consultancy within a country in Asia Pacific.

Since the beginning of 2015, Ruder Finn Asia has won 17 awards wins and three Finalists (excluding the above).