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Predicting the future at The Economist’s The World in 2013 events


During The World in 2013 gala dinners in Singapore and Hong Kong, a wide range of speakers gave glimpses of what 2013 will bring, predicting events that will shape the year. Ruder Finn was the PR partner for the event in both cities. In 2012, Ruder Finn also was involved in The Economist’s Healthcare in China Summit in Beijing and The Economist’s The Business of Art event, held in conjunction with the Andy Warhol Exhibition in Singapore.

Luminary speakers for both evenings included Daniel Franklin, The Economist’sexecutive editor and editor of "The World in…" annual publication, Professor Joseph Incandela, particle physicist and spokesman for the CMS Experiment, CERN (European Nuclear Research Organisation) which discovered the Higgs boson ( "God particle") and Ben Rattray, founder and CEO of Change.org, the world’s fastest-growing platform for social action.

Professor Wang Gungwu, Chairman of the East Asian Institute and renowned scholar on China and the region, and Robert Gilby, Managing Director for Walt Disney Company South-East Asia, were key speakers for the successful launch of the first Economist ‘World in" gala dinner in Singapore. The fourth successful year of "The World in…" gala dinner in Hong Kong included CY Leung, Chief Executive, Hong Kong SAR as key speaker.

The Economist’s veteran political and international award-winning editorial cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher, better known as Kal, enthralled the audience with an on-the-spot caricature of Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US president Barack Obama, caught in their domestic national issues.