A Far Reaching Royal Tour

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catharine, visited Canada for first official overseas trip as a married couple. CTC did not intend to promote this event in China. Ruder Finn Asia realized the potential and proposed, designed, and oversaw a campaign that encompassed pre-tour, tour, and post-tour promotions. In advance of the proposed project, RF initiated collaborations with Sina, China’s media giant and China Post to cooperate with Sina at no extra CTC investment.


  • Leverage the Royal Tour to enhance Canada as a destination for Chinese travelers.
  • Highlight Canadian destinations and their unique selling points


  • Pre-Tour Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Salon: As a warm-up tour, Sina invited six key opinion leaders familiar with and appreciative of Canada to discuss what would appeal to Chinese consumers
  • Tour: A team of four (including Chinese celebrity photographer and blogger and RF escort) followed the Royal Tour and reported their adventures through photographs, blogs and microblogs
  • Royal Tour Sina Mini-Site linked to the Sina Travel website
  • Seven blogs initiated and updated by the Sina reporting team
  • Microblogs initiated and updated by the Sina reporting team
  • Innovative post-tour project with China Post

Results: The project generated high ROI

  • Seven Blogs generated:
    • 355,677 page views
    • 747 reader comments
    • 738 forwards
  • Media Coverage generated:
    • 54 print articles
    • 318 web articles
    • More than 200 web articles as pickups Sina travel channel and two photo releases distributed by Ruder Finn
  • Intangible Promotion: Sina’s highlighting of the tour on multiple channels

Other Achievements

  • Ruder Finn’s Sina team was the only Asian media on the Royal Tour.
  • Ruder Finn successfully managed relationships with very diverse partners, such as the Canadian Parliament, Provincial Governments, the CTC Vancouver office, Sina, China Post and celebrity bloggers.
  • Ruder Finnovercame numerous logistical challenges navigating four provinces, including visas and accreditation.