“Mian is” Touch of Cotton, Touch of True Me

Cotton Inc.’s 2014 “Mian is” campaign was designed to strengthen cotton’s bond with Chinese consumers, particularly sophisticated urban women, and increase awareness and recognition of cotton as a stellar, natural fiber, and the cotton lifestyle as synonymous with sophisticated urban living. A three-episode serial video was the centerpiece of an integrated communications campaign, which also included one teaser and two behind-the- scenes videos. Two TV celebrities told the “real touch” story, integrating their own lives into a journey crisscrossing three cities and capturing their realization of the value of their “True Me”. The social media campaign encouraged consumers to upload photos and use words evoking cotton’s unique qualities, sharing and inviting friends to comment. Social media influence expanded through tweets on celebrities’ personal Weibo accounts. Digital engagement included partnering with YOHO.cn to increase participation from the online fashion community, three cotton-themed tweets daily, 12 monthly incentive activities and a three-month social media campaign. Results: 30.6 million views, 31,000+ comments on the videos, Weibo followers grew 20% to 84,00, 3,410 participated in monthly incentive activities, 7,445 posters/photos, 150,000 site visits and 564 published articles. The campaign received awards from IN2 Sabre Awards and PRWeek Awards Asia.