Emirates A380 Makes Jumbo Impression on China

In 2010, Emirates A380 was the first super jumbo jet to make a scheduled service to China. Major challenges to make the launch a success included a client prohibition on proactive communication on social media, paid news, advertorial and online forum posts, the fact that no airside events had ever been allowed at Beijing Capital International Airport and the number of approvals required from multiple autonomous departments. Pre-launch activities included a food trial of the newly designed A380 First and Business Class catering, participation in the Beijing International Travel Expo 2010, orchestrating online and offline events, and creating a task force to manage logistics handling. Journalists were invited to experience premium, innovative facilities to differentiate Emirates from competitors. By encouraging target media to post experiences and event photos on social media platforms. Ruder Finn was able to meet Emirates’ requirements. The launch news spread to 27 provinces, three municipalities and one autonomous region in China. Forty-eight hours after the launch ceremony, more than 1,500 news items were run nationwide, including one cover story on a mobile news portal, eight-minute CCTV News, Flagship News Program, CCTV-1 News Broadcast, front page news on mainstream portal websites and other nationwide/regional TV news stories.