Sanofi Friend Project “Cure With Love”

The Sanofi Friend Project is a patient care campaign in China, focused on helping breast cancer patients on Sanofi’s oncology medication to understand the value of standard therapy. Ruder Finn established and promoted a new concept of patient management in a continuous, systematic way. Different thematic programs were designed, based on patient needs:

2011: Best Sickroom Election – custom-designed patient room for a comfortable therapeutic environment. Stories collected and displayed, media stories and online specials promotion.
2012: Light Your Dream – designed to build a positive attitude and confidence. Dreams collection with online voting and media interview; dreams realization.
2013: Cure With Love - highlighted the power of surrounding patients with love from families and friends. Launched event with participating hospitals, healthcare workers, patients and media.
In three years, Sanofi’s Friend Project achieved remarkable results, launched in 25 key cities througahout China, hospitals involved increased from 16 to 52. Senior physicians and professional instructors training to strengthen concepts of patient care and improve nonmedical expertise. The Project has benefited 16,000 breast cancer patients. In 2011-12,, China’s premier internet company, published related stories and conducted Internet polls with a total of one million page views.