NATRELLE® Collection Provides Elegant Curves for China

Allergan, a leader in the global medical aesthetics industry, launched the Natrelle® Collection, a premium breast implant brand, in China in 2013. China is the highest-ranking country in Asia, and fifth globally, for breast augmentation procedures. The USP for Natrelle® is its customization for individual consumer preference. A survey of doctors, consumers and media revealed, however, that customization is not a consumer priority. The brand needed to differentiate from Allergan’s existing breast implant brand, and target the middle market range. Ruder Finn positioned Natrelle® as one of the world’s leading premium brands breast implants with advanced, proven technology and market leadership. Allergan’s comprehensive, customer-centered Breast Aesthetics concept was introduced, laying the foundation for intensive media education. A national press conference launched the product, followed by a media roundtable on the optimal choices for women from Natrelle’s range of customized solutions. Online promotion was also conducted through Weibo and Sina including a Consumer Insights online survey involving 2,728 participants. The launch produced strongly positive media feedback. In one month, 84 percent of media attendees published original reports (60 percent in-depth features) and multiple Weibo and Wechat posts were published within five days after the launch.