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Michelin Challenge Bibendum – Chengdu, China, 2014


Michelin has been a long-standing communication client of Ruder Finn. In particular, Ruder Finn has looked after the two previous editions of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the world summit on sustainable mobility, in Shanghai, China (2004 and 2007). In 2014, Michelin decided to hold its event in Chengdu, China and, once again, Ruder Finn was chosen as their communication partner. Beyond the traditional media approach, we also suggested a B2B marketing communication strategy through our Activation division: to offer Michelin Challenge Bibendum to our clients as a communication platform to enhance their brand, showcase their research and be part of the best. Michelin took our offer. 

In a systematic manner, we reached out to our clients to inform them of the opportunity. 

Beyond increasing the awareness and objectives of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum at CEO level, we garnered tremendous interest from corporations. As one example, our client, Omron, felt the event was completely in line with their business goals and decided to be an exhibitor and sponsor of the event. Both Omron and Michelin established an excellent relationship for the long-term.