The Dreamful Wedding Ring

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC) and Marianas Visitors Authority (MVA) collaborated to create the “Dreamful Wedding Ring Campaign”. The objective was to make diamond rings synonymous with weddings in China and attract more Chinese travelers to the Marianas. A six-episode TV reality show was created by partnering with a leading TV production house with an outreach of 70 local TV channels. The first four episodes were filmed in China, the last two in Saipan. Sixteen couples were selected to participate in the first episodes. Four couples were sent to Saipan to compete in the final challenge to win a diamond ring. Sponsorship was secured from the Hyatt Regency Saipan and Century Tours for accommodation and air and ground transportation. The aggressive promotion of the campaign online and offline generated 70 print stories and 10 web stories, eight TV features, with an estimated viewership of more than 100 million. Generating 166 minutes airtime, the show was broadcast on approximately 60 TV stations in 70 cities, covering the entire mainland China market. All sponsors benefited from enormous response and queries to the MVA hotlines for marriage/honeymoon arrangements. Saipan is now perceived as the ideal destination for engaged and newly married couples.