MONTBLANC: A Tribute to Women

Montblanc in China is mainly perceived as a masculine brand. To shift this perception, Montblanc launched its first collection dedicated purely to women with a sophisticated three-day event of Haute Joaillerie, showcased by international and local female role models and celebrities. The event was designed to reposition the Montblanc name from that of a writing instrument expert to a luxury jewelry and watch brand for both men and women. The Haute Joaillerie collection was brought to life through the participation of an exciting mix of well-known local and international women. A highly focused, segmented approach was orchestrated for high value media interviews with Montblanc senior managers and key female celebrities over three days. To ensure major media attendance at the Montblanc gala event, selected media were identified and invited to attend photo shoot of the glamorous, high-fashion, full dress rehearsal with celebrities. The event involved approximately 30 celebrities, 220+ national media and over 50 international media during the three-day program, generating a total of 542 articles. The caliber of female celebrities and role models involved sent a strong, clear message about Montblanc’s new direction.