Art de Cartier – Shenyang, 2013

2014 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France. As a renowned French Maison, Cartier was invited by the Liaoning Provincial Museum to host a joint exhibition titled, “A Story of Style and Heritage”. The joint exhibition faced a major challenge when the Chinese government initiated an anti-corruption and frugality policy in 2012, which banned extravagant symbols of luxury. To clearly identify and promote the Art de Cartier exhibition as a cultural event, it was positioned as non-commercial, purely an art and cultural exchange, by emphasizing Cartier’s long heritage, exemplified in this stunning collection. It leveraged academic institutions and the Liaoning Provincial Museum as endorsers of Art de Cartier as a cultural exchange program and the French embassy’s support of the exhibition as a diplomatic activity of artistic and cultural significance. Over 100 national media publications, 20 KOLs and celebrities attended the grand opening ceremony and press conference at the Liaoning Provincial Museum. With 88,245 visitors in just over a month, and generating 535 news articles, the Cartier exhibition exceeded, for the first time ever, the Liaoning Provincial Museum’s record of foreign-introduced exhibitions.