L’Oreal China: Mother River Awards at Shanghai Expo 2010

Since 2008, L’Oreal China has been the sole sponsor of the biennial Mother River Awards, the only government-authorized awards for Chinese youths involved in protecting the environment and ecology, inaugurated by the Mother River Protection Operation in 2000. The 2010 Awards, aimed at sponsoring youth environmental protection organizations and encouraging web surfers to participate in environmental protection, and the launch of the L’Oreal Mother River Protection Fund, were announced at the World Expo Shanghai. A media press conference and a tour of L’Oreal’s green factory site were organized and the Mother River Protection L’Oreal Fund, with the National Leading Group of the Mother River Protection Operation, was launched. Online campaigns included virtual tree planting along the Yangtze River, a Weibo campaign with the winners sharing their tips on an environmentally-friendly life style and a Weibo live broadcast. Sixty journalists from 48 Chinese media, including lifestyle, CSR, general, and business media, attended, resulting in 222 news articles. Seven television journalists and 181 website representatives from mainstream media attended and lead-up activities generated 17,342,683 engagements. With the support of L’Oreal, recognition of the Mother River Awards was elevated and Its reputation as a sought-after prestigious environmental achievement was enhanced.