­BMW Guggenheim Lab goes to Mumbai

The BMW Guggenheim Lab, a mobile laboratory that traveled worldwide from 2011 to 2013, addressed issues of urban life through programs and public discourse. Its goals were the exploration of innovation, experimentation and the creation of forward-thinking visions for city life. In Mumbai, the Lab targeted all age groups, genders and socio-economic levels to generate interest in the mobile laboratory; it aimed to initiate dialogue and gather insights for better urban planning. The Agency launched a three-phased media outreach plan to initiate, drive and sustain conversations about the Lab and its programs. Weekly program listings and alerts encouraged media to stimulate citizen participation. Site visits and invitations to specific programs elevated awareness and sustained interest. At the successful conclusion of the Lab in Mumbai, ideas were transitioned into meaningful infrastructure projects. The winning idea for the redesign of Mumbai’s Kala Nagar Junction, its busiest traffic location, is now under execution. Currently, the first set of Water Benches, innovative outdoor furniture that collects and stores rainwater to irrigate outdoor spaces, is installed in several Mumbai public parks.