Volkswagen Scirocco Cup in China 2010

In its second year in China, Volkswagen Scirocco Cup increased from four to six stops, plus one in Malaysia. It aimed to become the most successful and recognizable racing brand in China, showcasing Volkswagen’s global-leading role in spec racing. It also highlighted the new VW Golf TSI + DSG® technology and marketing performance of VW imported vehicles. Ruder Finn launched an integrated campaign depicting the excitement of motorsports by leveraging three senses – Visual, Auditory and Tactile – and an engaging social media campaign.

  • Visual: Onsite motorsports photography training, photo competition
  • Auditory & Visual: Scirocco Cup Driver story-telling video shoot. Youku Racing passion documentary and Driver’s Story. Combination of stimulating music and racing events
  • Tactile: Onsite experience with Scirocco Cup Taxi Drive, auction on Taobao

KOL bloggers, SNS KOL, Video KOL were invited as objective reporters. The Scirocco Cup China became the best- known international Chinese car racing event and the Kuala Lumpur stop increased awareness and influence of the event throughout Asia. It impacted over 68 million netizens and media outreach to lifestyle platforms gained wide recognition, especially on and The campaign won the 2010 Social Media Communication Award from