Mr. Beetle Wubuqu VW Beetle Digital Campaign 2013

To change the perception of the Beetle as a woman’s car, VW wanted to attract male consumers aged 20-50. The campaign had to demonstrate the new Beetle as a masculine car befitting the quality lifestyles of the target consumers and reinforce the spirit of VW – ‘Everyone loves Volkswagen’. Ruder Finn created and designed a digital campaign, “Mr. Beetle Wubuqu” (Five Facets of Mr. Beetle), a five-themed photo series of metrosexual males between the ages of 20 and 50. The themes were: (1) Unruly Adolescence − 20s, (2) City Escape − 30s, (3) Top of the World − 40s, (4) Forever Young − 50s, (5) Mr. Beetle – all ages. The purpose of the campaign was to promote the car by giving it an attitude, a rebel who wants to achieve real quality of life and who is forever young at heart. The results and excitement generated online far exceeded the client’s expectation, especially given budget limitations.