Architect Zaha Hadid’s State-of-the-Art Guangzhou Opera House

In 2011, renowned global architect Zaha Hadid hosted a three-day launch ceremony for the Guangzhou Opera House, which she designed. This was her first work in China and now stands as a major addition to China’s urban landscape. The communications campaign was designed to raise Zaha Hadid’s profile in China and to manage any negative discussion on the construction quality of the Guangzhou Opera House. Zaha Hadid’s presence was leveraged to secure exclusive interviews with selected high-profile lifestyle, arts, creativity and celebrity profile media were invited. To generate excitement, a personalized media tour of Guangzhou Opera House was conducted by Zaha Hadid Architects. 800 guests and media attended a cocktail reception, 2000 guests witnessed the début of the contemporary dance performance, Vertical Road by Akram Khan, and 200 VVIPs attended the gala dinner. Twenty news articles from 15 media outlets provided outstanding coverage with comprehensive stories about Zaha Hadid, including five consecutive stories in the Yangcheng Evening News and cover stories in Modern Weekly and Beijing Youth Weekly. Two consecutive programs were aired on Phoenix TV and nationwide media coverage included one-on-one interviews with CNN, Vogue and Bazaar Art