Ana Tzarev Unveils 15-Foot Poppy Flower Sculpture in Singapore

International artist Ana Tzarev’s Love & Peace campaign, depicting a series of 15 large flower sculptures, has been displayed across the U.S., Europe and Asia since 2012. Singapore was the first Asia city to showcase one of her stunning sculpture. To strengthen the Croatian-born artist’s profile and build regional awareness and interest in her Love & Peace global campaign, the Agency leveraged the unveiling of the massive 15-foot amethyst fibreglass poppy sculpture at the ArtScience Museum. Coverage was successfully secured across the region including in Australia, China and Singapore in prominent media such as the Wall Street Journal Asia, Shanghai Daily, The Straits Times and The West Australian. Ana Tzarev’s image as a well-established international artist in the arts community was enhanced in Asia and beyond through impressive coverage in prestigious art media. It was also elevated through word-of-mouth awareness created by endorsements of key opinion leaders (KOLs), including art scholars and art bloggers. The resulting publicity created widespread awareness for the first-ever installation in Asia of Anna Tzarev’s global Love & Peace campaign.