CSR Asia and Ruder Finn have for close to a decade collaborated in delivering the annual CSR Asia Summit.

Originally focused just on public relations, the relationship flourished when RFA’s Activation department was created in 2013. Each year, the challenge for CSR Asia is to find the necessary resources to sustain their CSR leadership position. RFA Activation was brought in as a major support to the team organisers, while providing solutions for our corporate clients.

As one example, through Activation’s introduction, Visa found CSR Asia Summit a very good platform to share its thoughts and perspectives on its own CSR programme, at the same time becoming CSR Asia’s strategic partner. Another example is with Bentley. The Bentley CEO for China was eager to share his company’s perspective on CSR and luxury, which we helped organize,d in front of an exclusive panel of corporate leaders during the Summit.

Through its network, Ruder Finn Activation was also able provide sought-after speakers to maintain the variety and high-quality discussions at the Summit.

On the audience side, and through its active B2B marketing, Ruder Finn Activation was able to attract many CSR, Marketing and Communication Heads to attend the Summit to grow their knowledge, to network and to consider the CSR Asia Summit as a potential platform of communication for subsequent year.